About the CRF

The CRF provides a high-level view of the development results supported by the IDB Group in Latin America and the Caribbean and the Group’s performance against operational and organizational targets

About us

Why does the IDB Group have a CRF?

The CRF is the IDB Group’s highest-level corporate monitoring tool, establishing ambitious targets to drive performance in line with the Group’s strategic priorities. It is a critical performance management tool that informs resource allocation to support the achievement of institutional objectives and provides accountability to IDB Group stakeholders.

What does the CRF measure?

The CRF monitors the IDB Group’s institutional strategy, capturing the work of all three entities in the Group: the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which has worked with governments for more than 60 years; IDB Invest, which serves the private sector; and IDB Lab, which tests innovative ways to enable more inclusive growth. It consists of three levels of indicators, with distinct purposes:

  • Level 1 indicators (Regional Context) track the region’s progress with regard to the three challenges and cross-cutting issues of the IDB Group strategy (i.e., social inclusion and equality; productivity and innovation; and economic integration, gender equality and diversity, climate change and environmental sustainability, institutional capacity and rule of law). 
  • Level 2 indicators (IDB Group Contributions to Development Results) track the magnitude of IDB Group contributions to the three challenges and cross-cutting issues of the IDB Group strategy. 
  • Level 3 indicators (IDB Group Performance) assess the performance of the IDB Group entities against targets for operational delivery and results as well as organizational management and effectiveness.