The Country Development Results indicators provide aggregate data on outputs and outcomes supported by IDBG-financed projects. Click on each indicator below to visit the indicator webpage and see more information on the specific projects contributing to progress over time.

Indicator Progress Year EXPECTED RESULTS
Type Status1 IDBG Priorities2
Countries in the region with improved learning outcomes according to PISA (Math/Reading)3 50/50 2015 - Intermediate Outcome -
Maternal mortality ratio (number of maternal deaths per 100,000 live births)3 67 2015 - Intermediate Outcome -
Property value within project area of influence (% change)3 112 % 2016 - Intermediate Outcome -
Reduction of emissions with support of IDBG financing (annual metric tons CO2 equivalent) 12,156,188 All 8,000,000 Intermediate Outcome
Public agencies' processing times of international trade of goods and services (% change)3 13.6 % 2016 - Intermediate Outcome -
Formal employment of women (%)3 51.8 % 2017 - Intermediate Outcome -
Percent of GDP collected in taxes (%)3 22.1 % 2017 - Intermediate Outcome -
Students benefited by education projects (#) 11,630,665 All 15,790,000 Immediate Outcome
Beneficiaries receiving health services (#) 17,195,401 All 38,000,000 Immediate Outcome
Beneficiaries of targeted anti-poverty programs (#) 15,696,276 All 8,000,000 Immediate Outcome
Beneficiaries of improved management and sustainable use of natural capital (#) 1,144,784 All 4,900,000 Immediate Outcome
Households benefitting from housing solutions (#) 384,891 All 850,000 Immediate Outcome
Beneficiaries of on-the-job training programs (#) 834,069 All 875,000 Immediate Outcome
Jobs created by supported firms (#) 292,347 All 140,000 Immediate Outcome
Women beneficiaries of economic empowerment initiatives (#) 1,090,083 All 1,300,000 Immediate Outcome
Micro / small / medium enterprises financed (#) 1,731,533 All 3,400,000 Immediate Outcome
Micro / small / medium enterprises provided with non-financial support (#) 283,652 All 260,000 Immediate Outcome
Households with new or upgraded access to drinking water (#) 792,457 All 950,000 Output
Households with new or upgraded access to sanitation (#) 968,711 All 1,300,000 Output
Installed power generation capacity from renewable sources (%) 100 % All 80 Output
Roads built or upgraded (km) 6,075 All 6,300 Output
Professionals from public and private sectors trained or assisted in economic integration (#) 116,291 All 40,000 Output
Regional, sub-regional and extra-regional integration agreements and cooperation initiatives supported (#) 43 All 28 Output
Subnational governments benefited by citizen security projects (#) 484 All 52 Output
Government agencies benefited by projects that strengthen technological and managerial tools to improve public service delivery (#) 257 All 150 Output
Indicator Progress Year IDBG Priorities1
Teachers trained (#) 142,844 All
Children receiving early childhood development services targeted to the poor (#) 292,955 All
Households with wastewater treatment (#) 1,706,312 All
Households with solid waste disposed in a sanitary landfill (#) 461,040 All
Households protected from flood risk (#) 20,197 All
Households with new or improved access to electricity supply (#) 182,931 All
Urban rail and bus mass transit systems built or upgraded (km) 75.51 All
Electricity transmission and distribution lines installed or upgraded (km) 3,987 All
Farmers with improved access to agricultural services and investments (#) 900,196 All
Terrestrial and marine areas with improved management (hectares) 10,362,036 All
Tourism destinations benefited by projects aimed at increasing tourism expenditure, local and social inclusion and/or improving environmental management (#) 130 All
Countries benefited by IDB projects aimed at improving domestic resource mobilization (#) 18 All
Subnational governments benefited by decentralization, fiscal management and institutional capacity projects (#) 182 All
Countries that use fiduciary country systems (#) 13 All
Public registries strengthened (#) 3 All
Accountability institutions strengthened (#) 3 All
Crime information systems strengthened (#) 5 All
Projects supporting innovation ecosystems (#) 28 All
Cross-border and transnational projects (#) 113 All
Amount of international trade promoted (US$) 2,885,641,025 All
Companies supported in innovation activities (#) 81 All
  • Cumulative Progress 2016-2018
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018

Outputs & Immediate Outcomes

Outputs help track the type of activities the IDBG is financing and immediate outcomes help link the projects and activities the IDBG finances to the people whose lives it seeks to improve through its work in Latin America and the Caribbean. Each output and immediate outcome indicator is assessed based on a traffic light methodology.






Households benefitting from housing solutions (#)



Intermediate outcomes help measure the medium-term effects of IDBG’s combined interventions in the context of the progress made by countries of the Latin America and the Caribbean. As progress on these indicators is generally not directly attributable to IDBG financing, specific expected results for the 2016-2019 period have not been established and, therefore, there is no traffic light assessment of progress.1

1. However, in the case of the indicator Reduction of emissions with support of IDBG financing (annual million tons CO2 equivalent) the CRF establishes expected results for the 2016-2019 period and a traffic light assessment of progress is available.