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Countries benefited by IDB projects aimed at improving domestic resource mobilization (#)


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Update to the Institutional Strategy

Sustainable Development Goals

Update to the Institutional Strategy



Social Inclusion and Equality

Sustainable Development Goals


Contribution to Progress On This Indicator By Country

Contributing Projects To This Indicator by Country

Project Title Project Number Country Institution Year
Provincial Management Strengthening Program AR-L1248 Argentina IDB 2016
Strengthening of Fiscal management of States in Brazil BR-T1335 Brazil IDB 2016
Program for Support to the Implementation of the State Owned Enterprises Policy CO-T1432 Colombia IDB 2016
Tax Administration Strenghtening Program ES-L1131 El Salvador IDB 2016
Tax Management and Transparency Program GU-L1096 Guatemala IDB 2016
Fiscal Management Modernization in Guyana GY-T1130 Guyana IDB 2016
Improvement of Public Financial Management System HO-T1258 Honduras IDB 2016
Fiscal Structural Programme for Economic Growth III JA-L1055 Jamaica IDB 2016
Public Finance Strengthening Program II ME-L1189 Mexico IDB 2016
Capacity Building for the Financial Discipline of States and Municipalities ME-T1310 Mexico IDB 2016
Program for Development and Strengthening of Fiscal and Subnational Service Management UR-L1111 Uruguay IDB 2016
Improvement of the Locational Accuracy of the Cadastral Map UR-T1135 Uruguay IDB 2016
Strengthening the Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Owned Enterprises UR-T1136 Uruguay IDB 2016
Improvement of fiscal management of the province of Cordoba AR-T1172 Argentina IDB 2017
Fiscal Management Modernization Project for the State of Piaui - PROFISCO II PI BR-L1498 Brazil IDB 2017
Fiscal Management Modernization Project for the State of Pará- PROFISCO II PA BR-L1499 Brazil IDB 2017
Fiscal Management Modernization Project for the State of Maranhão - PROFISCO II MA BR-L1500 Brazil IDB 2017
Fiscal Management Modernization Program For The State Of Ceará– Profisco II - CE BR-L1502 Brazil IDB 2017
Program to Enhance the Efficiency of Tax Administration and Public Expenditure Management in the Dominican Republic DR-L1117 Dominican Republic IDB 2017
Support to the Identification and Development of Sub-national Public-Private Partnership Projects EC-T1358 Ecuador IDB 2017
Support for Strenghtening of Tax Administration and Fiscal Policies for Inclusive Growth ES-T1245 El Salvador IDB 2017
Support to the Preparation of the Program for the Institutional and Technological Strengthening of the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT), GU-L1162 GU-T1274 Guatemala IDB 2017
Program to Strengthen Fiscal Management in Federative Entities and Municipios ME-L1253 Mexico IDB 2017
Project to Boost Efficiency in Public Investment Management and Public Procurement PE-L1231 Peru IDB 2017
Support to the Program of Improvement of the Efficiency of the Expenditure in Public Investment PE-T1364 Peru IDB 2017
Fiscal Strengthening to Support Economic Growth Program SU-L1050 Suriname IDB 2017
Fiscal Strengthening Support for Suriname SU-T1089 Suriname IDB 2017
Program to Enhance the Management Capacity of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue AR-L1282 Argentina IDB 2018
Program to Drive Growth AR-L1283 Argentina IDB 2018
Institutional Strengthening of the National Public Investment Unit AR-T1204 Argentina IDB 2018
Macroeconomic Emergency Programme to Protect Economic and Social Progress BA-L1045 Barbados IDB 2018
Program to Support Pre-Investment for Development II BO-L1111 Bolivia IDB 2018
Fiscal Management Enhancement Project for the State of Pernambuco – PROFISCO II-PE BR-L1501 Brazil IDB 2018
Fiscal Management Enhancement Project for the State of Mato Grosso do Sul – PROFISCO II-MS BR-L1511 Brazil IDB 2018
Fiscal Management Modernization Project for the State of São Paulo - PROFISCO II SP BR-L1516 Brazil IDB 2018
Strengthening Transparency in Brazil BR-T1352 Brazil IDB 2018
Program to Deepen Fiscal Reform in Colombia II CO-L1227 Colombia IDB 2018
Support for the implementation of operation CO-L1227 CO-T1479 Colombia IDB 2018
Program To Enhance Fiscal Capacity For Public Investment EC-L1230 Ecuador IDB 2018
Enhancing Fiscal Space for Public Investment EC-T1389 Ecuador IDB 2018
Support to Fiscal Management and Revenue Collection EC-T1391 Ecuador IDB 2018
Fiscal Strengthening for Inclusive Growth ES-L1093 El Salvador IDB 2018
Strengthening of the Municipal Income Sources in El Salvador ES-T1266 El Salvador IDB 2018
Support for Institutional and Operational Strengthening of Tax Administration II HO-T1309 Honduras IDB 2018
Institucional Strenghthening for States and Municipalities fiscal Responsibility ME-T1372 Mexico IDB 2018
Fiscal Strengthening Support in Nicaragua NI-T1261 Nicaragua IDB 2018
Improving Tax and Customs Revenue Collection Services Through Digital Transformation PE-L1239 Peru IDB 2018
Support for the Modernization of Peru's Tax and Customs Policy and Administration PE-T1376 Peru IDB 2018
Investments in Public Finances for Sustainable Development PR-L1150 Paraguay IDB 2018
Public finance for sustainable development PR-L1151 Paraguay IDB 2018
Support Program for the Improvement of Fiscal Management PR-T1256 Paraguay IDB 2018